Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Teaching & Learning at the Ah Haa

In the years before I came to the Ah Haa school, I was actually a full-fledged classroom teacher. This June, I decided to kick-off the year with a couple of theatre classes for kids called "Superhero Theatre". The classes, a mix of games, theatre and costume-construction, became very popular and I suddenly found myself thrown into back into the roll as a teacher - but this time I was an art teacher. It was quite wonderful and as the kids and I sang superhero songs and decorated our capes, I came to realize another magical aspect of my job here at the Ah Haa. I help to emply teachers who make magic happen. From Brooke Ahana's fabulous color-theory based abstract painting classes, to the amazing clay creatures that Jacey Depriest helps four-and-five-year-olds to mold into life, I am constantly amazed at the ability of our instructors to convert the magic and imagination you find in every child into various forms of art. Thank you to our amazing instructors and to all you parents who believe that the Ah Haa is a place for fun and transformation. The summer of 2010 is certainly something to remember.

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